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Shotgun Patterning, Handgun and Rifle scoring and analysis using Turbo Targets are the first truly automatic software applications for capturing rifle / Handgun group data and shotgun pattern data on your iPhone, iPad, MAC or PC from camera images.

About Us


Target Telemetrics is committed to making target shooting results as easy to measure as technology allows.  Our products help users to better understand their shooting skills and equipment.

If you are looking for contact information our customer service is a We normally respond within 24 hours.


Target Telemetrics was created by several engineers with backgrounds in camera technologies.  We all enjoy shooting at targets and believe that we can make target shooting results easier to access by the average sports shooter.  Our software used with our targets, automatically crops the target, finds bullet holes, and delivers results by loading in the photo and pressing analyze.  We are constantly improving our applications and welcome feedback at

Privacy Policy - Target Telemetrics does not share or sell customer information.  We use this information for the purpose of order processing.



Target Telemetrics is located in Martin, Michigan.