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Shotgun Patterning, Handgun and Rifle scoring and analysis using Turbo Targets are the first truly automatic software applications for capturing rifle / Handgun group data and shotgun pattern data on your iPhone, iPad, MAC or PC from camera images.

16x18" Targets for Handgun or Shotgun Killzone

Target and PC/MAC Software Products


We sell targets and software for PC/MAC on this page.  For the iPhone/iPad applications see the PRODUCTS FOR IPHONE/IPAD tab above.  European customers - Shotgun Analyzer 4.0 now works with targets available in the EU. If interested, send us an email for information as this is “in process”.

16x18" Targets for Handgun or Shotgun Killzone


16x18" Targets for Handgun or Shotgun Killzone

from 11.99

These targets are 16 x 18 inch single bull targets with up to a 14 x 16 inch maximum usable area.  You can use them with the Handgun Analyzer or the computer, phone, or IPad.  You can also use them for Shotgun with the KillZone Profiler iPhone application or Shotgun Analyzer PC, MAC, and Android.   Shipping in the US is currently free. Also, for Handgun users, checkout National Targets website for the new Red Targets (available Feb 1) 

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